The QR code distributes information to smartphone or tablet users.
The data square was invented in Japan in1994 to automatically register warehouse stock.
The code can contain over 4000 dots. It is more advanced than the barcode not only due to the amount of information it carries, but also because it is not as easily damaged.

The number of dots depends on the amount of information and varies between 21 x 21 and 177 x 177.
The lower-left and both upper corners contain squares of 7 x 7 dots to enable clear positioning.
A row of alternating dots join the inside corners of the squares and gives information about the scanning lines.
With the exception of the smallest QR codes, a small square appears in the bottom right area for better alignment. All other dots alter according to the information contained and error correction by information feedback and repetition.

"QR Code“ is the trade mark of DENSO WAVE INCORPORATED